País Tropical by João Carlos Martins

OPEN August/30

In this exclusive NFT collection, the renowned pianist and conductor João Carlos Martins creates a unique version of one of the most iconic songs of all time: País Tropical, by Jorge Ben Jor. Find out more in our store.

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The project

One of the most-played songs of all time in Brazil

For the first time in his career, after 50+ Years and over 800 songs recorded, Jorge Ben Jor has one of his songs orchestraded. In this tribute to his friend, acclamated pianist João Carlos Martins creates a unique version of País Tropical, one of the most-played songs of all time in Brazil. This is a step forward in what has been his recently goal: to help popularize classical music in Brazil.


“I am very glad to be the first musician to create a full-Orchestra version of Ben Jor’s most famous song. For me, it is a great opportunity to continue with my personal project, using popular songs to introduce people to classical music. País Tropical couldn’t be a better pick, as it is probably the song that best describes our country Brazil”. The idea of releasing this song as a NFT was brought by Simple and I readily accepted, as I believe this technology will change the Entertainment industry and revolutionize music as we know, giving more freedom and power to the artists.

The project seeks to offer different possibilities for all fans profiles, starting with those who just want to enjoy this new recording, and also the ones who value a more exclusive experience with one of the greatest musicians of all time.

In line with the purpose of the project, a part of the revenue generated from primary sales will be used as funding for classical music scholarships.